Friday, 25 April 2008

Banana Fritters @ Pisang Goreng

Wargh .. today feel like crazy to have banana fritters.. ummm yummy ..

Cannot help it anymore. One year did'nt eat Pisang Goreng....huuu..cannot "tahan"..I urged my husband to look for some banana, so that we could have for our tea time today. So he marched to the nearest shop and alhamdulillah he found half-ripe banana ("pisang montel" je..)and hope that it taste can be as good as the "pisang abu" fritters...

We told ourselves repeatedly, it might not taste as what we expected, so that we won't get frustated. Hehehe.. this is the result ...

I cup of coffee + banana fritters + sambal kicap johor emm(soya sauce+chillies+garlic+sugar) Whallah....

It sold out within few minutes... sorry...

Monday, 14 April 2008

Boat Trip - Part 2

This post is a continuity from the previous entry. We can say it is an enjoyful trip becoz another chance to get together with Malaysian family. But not all were present. Some were absent due to some personal reasons.

The underwater life not as beautiful as we have in Malaysia. Maybe the place the boat took us, was so near to the Power Plant. Most of the coral reefs look whitish, deadly and not colourful. We also can see kind of "plucked- effect" on it.

Anyway, to the children it was an enjoyful trip. It is for them anyway. That's good enough.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Boat Trip

We had an underwater trip organized volunteraly by Mr.Suhaimi AR. Congratulations to him on his effort. The trip was specifically held for Malaysian & Singaporean in Yanbu. Though we have short-notice pull out, Alhamdulillah the trip was succesfull. In fact, new request is coming in suggesting to have a trip to other city. This is the second activity held as a agroup after the "makan2 ceremony" in my house during Sept 07. Now, Malaysian group has increased day by day in Yenbo, reported that the new comers now dated April,15 is about 9 of them who mostly worked with the petro-chemical plant,SABIC are here. [ More photo will be uploaded soon..]

Having a big community we will face numerous "ragam" of people. You will see a "Malay culture" exist in Yenbo. Hopefully it is culture of "helping each other" and "attawuni alal insan bil bir wal taqwa"... Realized or not, sometimes Malay mixed up within its culture and Islam inspiration in leading their life. Because of too synonim with the recognition as a community that concerns each other sometimes people cannot differentiate personal responsibility and community responsibility.

Different people, different background, different ways of brought up, different knowledge, different measurement and different ways of solution. Then, we must ready to expect other people differences and learn how to respect other people thoughts and opinions..

"Criticism is a sign of concern, when criticized nobody feels being concerned".

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Intensive Looosing Weight Program

Soon, my parent left my appetite really boost. Within a month I put 4 kilos up. I could not wait any more. My hubby also started making noise on it. Before its too late to stop, so I plan my intensive loosing weight program with objective to get my ideal weight back.. wa..wa..(the last regular exercise session I had, before we went to Hajj, that was 3 months back).
Before I started my day with light exercises for cardiovascular, I recorded my current weight which is 5++(hehehe...).The next day one hour swimming, two days after that again cardiovascular routine and some muscle toning workout(macam angelina jolie pulak rasanya) and a very simple basic aerobic. Jangan marah... reduce 1.5 k..(hubby jeles). Yahoo... terus bersemangat..Wether I realized or not somehow somebody was observing me and wanna be friend of mine..oppss. I am kind of selective to get close but anyway.. soon I think,no harm to have saudi friend. She claimed does not have any friend here since she is from Jeddah and moved to here 5 years back following her husband. Instead of staying at home without no one to hang arround, she came to the gym to do some exercises. She requested to be friend of mine. Anyway, may be its good to have someone to socialize around apart from my collegue-friend. So we changed phone number, just wait for next week how she is..................

Abah and Mak

My parent was here last February. Alhamdulillah after all the hastle process, finally they were here. Hastle? Why I reffered as hastle? Yupp.. This place is very unpredictable. The peoples, the rules, the authority almost in all. Todays rule might be not the same for tomorrow. Today approved tomorrow may be not. Even on the same day, some cases might not have same solution though the problem root is the same. But, Alhamdulillah luckily we are carrying Malaysian nationality and serving the Royal Comission(half-government bodies) and everybody knew the organization, so it really helps us a lot in expediting our tasks. I really could not imagine if I am in other people shoes. Amongs all I really appreciated Mr.Saleh Al-Raddadi who helped us a lot in processing our request and documents, may Allah reward with you hassanah and protect you.

I hope them(my parent) enjoyed for a short visit here, though not many places we went due to time constraint( I am working - academic session is running). More picture soon will be placed using slide show.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Life in Yanbu - After 2 years

It is almost 2 years living in the kingdom, now I started to enjoy to stay in this city. Not a big town, well-planned with proper housing area and maintenance department to ensure city cleanliness, well-facilitate with club houses for man and woman(it houses gym and swimming pool) with low yearly fees. The drawback only its limited number of shopping area. Somehow, it is not a minus point to me since I don't like to shop a lot.Usually people here used to shop in Jeddah which took only 3-4 hours ride(ONLY???? some people yeah they think it is only 3-4 hours) or Madinah(2 hours ride) .

Living wise I have no problem, but when it is time to deal with the authority(coming in and going out from the kingdom, schooling process, dealing with utilities services oughhh... it will be a real headache). I can say I am a lucky(Alhamdulillah) born as Malaysian Muslim and working with the Royal Comission(RC- half government bodies assigned to develop Kingdom two industrial cities, Jubail and Yanbu). These two factors really help me out if I had any difficulties with the authorities or to deal with them. I dunno if I am in other people shoes.

When you work with RC, they will acknowledge thru your certificate. But to work out within the neighborhood, they would not understand your cert. They will recognized from where you are came from and for whom you work with.

Yesterday, I found out I can enjoy the recreational facilities around the "حيءة"(the residential area) with minimum yearly fees(SR120 per annum for the whole family member). Thats include the swimming pool and the gymnasium(the operation time is almost everyday). I had started my first trial yesterday. It was good. I can't get this opportunity if I am still working in Malaysia - due to time constraint. Worked with private sector in Malaysia especially in KL- its working hour(included travelling hour) was not "friendly". 6 days a week( 8.00 a.m-7.00 p.m - it was not acceptable for me, a mother with 4 growing up children). Before I came here, I had already quit my job and decided to take a break to raise up the kids. I had started to think to set up business from home where I can be close to my children. It does not matter if the business is not utilizing my specialization. Soon, God knows better, after 10 month, I got the offer and hubby gave me full support and we came here with only ONE main reason - to perform Hajj. He said " why don't we give a try, only for 2 years and we also can perform Hajj at the same time.Beside our kids are still small, we will not worry for their schooling session yet". So, yeah.. why not.
Wether we realize or not, now we are here almost 2 years and will complete soon my first contract. Think to sign for another year? Lets see..............