Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Little Updates

It has been a while we have not updating this blog. Busy?, no not really. Maybe out of ideas and stories. But for sure, we thanks a lot and thousand of apology to the visitors who keep visiting this little and tiny blog "nyamuk".

Little updates

1) The new members of family has been given name Siti Laila Najla.

2) We have to take her along(as told by Pak Ali , she needs to give her tiny thumbprint for her passport) to Malaysian Consulate in Jeddah tomorrow to register her as a Malaysian.

3) Her moms is getting slimmer (macam dulu2).

4) She's cries a lot at night. As usual, the father is always a patient man...and he just let the mother entertained her....huhuhu.

5) Both of us have same blood group (A+). The other childrens follows their mom(O+).

6) Alhamdulillah, Hannan is not jealous to Najla, otherwise it will be a big problem to us.

7) My Parent in Law is coming soon. Their visa is ready. Just get ready with the delicious and mouth watering mom in law cooks.