Friday, 28 March 2008

Raining in Yanbu

Photos above was taken on January 2008. Picture speaks a thousand words. See all the smile faces especially childrens when the rain comes.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Hijaz Railway Station

These photos was taken during our previous trip to Madinah together with parents. It is situated a few hundred metres from Prophet Mosques can be reached either by taxi or walk.

Hijaz Railway Station was build by the Ottomans mainly used to transport the Hajj Pilgrims to Mecca and to commute the Ottomans troops during the World War 1. The railroad was link to other several station till Damascus, Syria which covers 1760 kilometers.

Constructed by Sultan 'Abd Al-Hamid Khan II and was completed in 1908 and destroyed 10 years later by a sabotage campaign launched by Lawrence of Arabia during the WW1.

Other ruins also can be seen in Tabuk, Umluj and some other places in Kingdom.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers !

Spring in Yanbu? Kindding me? Well , trust your own eyes.

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Malaysia General Election - Result

As for now, 3.56 pm (KSA Time) 8.56 (Malaysia Time), the opposition party is leading. New state like Penang most likely fall under the opposition party or Barisan Rakyat,(DAP, PKR and PAS). PAS (Pan Malaysia Islamic Party) still strongly hold Kelantan seat which already won 17 out of 40 state seat.

Fuhhh...I can't concentrate with my works today....sorry boss.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Malaysia General Election

Malaysia General Election 12 or famously known as PRU-12 will be held on Saturday 8, 2008. As an eligible voters, surely we will miss this year poll event and especially our right to choose our future nation leader.
Although staying abroad, all news and events still reacheable. Thanks to the technology and praise to Allah who give a man idea to developed internet. Staying abroad doesn't mean that we are far behind the "hot issues" but sometimes we are nearer from the locals. Blogs and online newspaper are the main information source nowadays.

Both parties, either Barisan Nasional (BN) or Barisan Rakyat (BR) (I don't like to use word Opposition Parties since both are oppossing each other) try to win the people heart by their manifesto and promises.

Smart citizen will always read, think and analyze all promises made by these parties. The rulling parties maybe have advantage in realizing the promises but history did teach us that they are nobody accept a bunch of liars and robbers. Out of 10, maybe 1 of them are sincere on what they are doing, the rest are useless.

Neither do I against the rulling party nor a member of the other party. I'm a non partisan people which have a freedom to cast my ballot. I have freedom to throw my opinion without restriction. The only restriction that I have is the religion and the constituency. We must adhere them. Apart from that, I'm a free man.

Living in Saudi Arabia had tought us a lot. As a Malaysian, we were respected by Saudi's. We were greatly welcomed and we have no difficulties doing our daily business. In fact, we receive better sallary compared to other expatriate from Asia. Thanks to our former Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir who has put Malaysia standing in the eyes of the world. A friend of mine from Labenon had told me, as an Arab Muslim, he feel proud of Malaysia because being a role model to other Islamic country and he also praise our former leadership. But what he missed out was, the country was no longer lead by Tun.

My point is, does anybody know who is our current Prime Minister? The anwer is "NO". What the "heck" happened in Malaysia nowdays. Is Malaysia getting rotten day to day?. Do we have a capable leaders to lead the country. My answer is NO, NO, NO. Do we still need them? defenitely NO. We need to change now before it is too late. We need a good and clean government who can lead us to a better Malaysia. A clean government mean a progressive country which can create more wealth and harmony to the people. A corrupt government don't mind about their people.

Gentlemen, in the next 2 days, you are the boss. The power is in your hand. Your vote will decide the future of Malaysia and the future of our children. Think wisely and decide bravely. As a non partisan, I knew who should I voted for.

The future is yours.