Thursday, 7 May 2009

Weekend and Cinnamon Rolls

Hemmm weekend again.. What to do? Usually, to fill up my time I like to try new recipe. But this time, I remembered my newly arrived neighbour next door are actually waiting to taste my cinnamon roll again. She keep own saying that she likes the rolls and when she went back to Pakistan, she could not stop mention it to her family members.. What does it mean? .. Please send some more..hehehe. .. just kidding. She also like my curry puffs. So today may be I could entertain her.

So early in the morning, I make the dough, while waiting the dough to rise I am blogging and finish all the report analysis required by my Head. I have tried several time my recipes with different types input ingredients(whalla programming le pulak) to find the best result. So this is the best recipe I have ever try I could say...


1/2 kilo wheat flour(in Yanbu - Kuwait Flour is the best)
1 tbs salted/unsalted butter + some salt
1 tbs sugar 1 tbs dry yeast(saf-levure) any yeast may be works as well
1 egg
150ml low fat milk(fresh)
1/2 cup warm water+ 1 tsp sugar(to dissolve yeast)
brown sugar
cinnamon powder

1. Dissolve dry yeast in warm water.

2. Melt butter and then add milk with sugar. Stir until all sugar dissolved. Milk should be warm not boiled. Put off fire. Cool off. Then add egg into it. Mix.

3. Get the flour into a big mixing bowl and make a hole in it. Pour in the milk mixture, yeast and mixed them together. Roll and punch.

4. Ensure it did not stick to your finger. Then cover it with plastic food wrapper and let it rest for 1 hour.

5. In baking tray, pour some cooking oil to grease and sprinkled mixed cinnamon sugar into it. The more the merrier.

6. Again hit the dough, until all air released. Divide dough into 3.

7. Roll the dough until it make about 15cm(A) X 25 cm(B). While rolling you may use some flour to avoid it sticking to the rolling pin.

8. Smeared the rolled dough with mixed cinnamon sugar.

9. Slowly roll it from the A side the until the end. Cut into 4 pieces using knife or dental floss.

10. Place it into the baking tray. Let it rise 1/2-1 hour. Preheat oven 350 F.

11. After 1/2 -1 hour later, sprinkle more mixed cinnamon+brown sugar on it and ready to bake for 20 minutes.

I usually works with 1/2 kilo flour at a time. My hand is not strong enough to work with bigger dough.

So, try it. If it does not work tell me.

note: Pictures were taken from previous entry.

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