Sunday, 25 April 2010

Kembaraksa@Istanbul-Amsterdam-London Day 2

16 April 2010

Still hoping to go to Amsterdam. Checking with Airlines what are the possible flights available. From the news last night we got to know all flights to Europe were cancelled due to volcanic erroption in Iceland. I had a feeling that i will not be short time. It will take weeks. What should we do?My husband still keeping hope. We keep contacting our friend in Amstermdam, updating him our status. We are using Skype as mode of communication. Alhamdullllah the hotel provides wireless access. Then we contact him updating him our status and check with him the airport status over there. We also like to consider Paris as another destination to stop beside brussel, dusserdolf and Frankfurt. But after hearing from the news that all train station also get congested we have to re-consider our option.

Airlines are busy to check on next departure flight, trying to cancel our cruise trip from Rotterdam to London (Stenaline) and we stuck here waiting for instructions from Airlines. But Alhamdulillah at least we have hotel and good food because I could see other people they had to stayed in the airport.

by 12.00 p.m suddenly the janitor hush us to leave the room. She is talking in Turkish, I cannot understand. But from the way she is talking that she want us to leave the room. I checked with the operator was it true and he confirmed right because we will be moved into another hotel by Airlines. After having our meal we waited for bus to come and pick up us at the lobby. After 4.00 then the bus arrived. We noticed we were moved to a hotel more nearer to the airport because I remembered the road when we first took during city tour sight seeing. In comparison to the first hotel is further in the downtown.

More better I hope. Yeah it is a 4-star rate hotel. And we noticed added to group another group of passengers who also stranded in Istanbul on the way to London. Amongst them is an old lady and a young pregnant mother with a child. So pity. They were both alone and now become family helping each other.

The Hotel (Grand Senol Hotel) offers us good meal as well and the kids enjoyed the hotel so much and forget temporarily their trip.

Still no news from airlines , no flight can fly to europe. I insisted my husband we got to plan something. Sooner or later our holidays will end. We cannot keep on counting of the airline plan. So I started to search for second alternative, like what if we just stay and have the vacation in Istanbul. I started inquiring the front dest, the places of interest in Istanbul since we did not make any homework at all for Istanbul. We got several brochures from the frontdesk and I started to plan what if we have to stay here. Recall K. Dillah advice if I did not make any reservation yet, she advised me to find somewhere in Sultanahmet Area. It has train link to Airport. Easy access town for movement I guess. So I kept her words in my mind.

At the same time my husband still try to work out for option to go to Amsterdam. I had something in my mind tomorrow, if there is no plan for flight we plan to stay in the same hotel and spent time here in Istanbul. We asked about the rate of our room we had now, it was about 150TL. Family suite. We calculate our cash and it is affordable. So if things no change tomorrow we will be ready to stay in Istanbul. Again after lunch, the airline want us to get ready to move into another hotel. Then quickly we pack our stuff and move to back into another town called Merter. This time the Hotel name is Gunnes Hotel.

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